Welcome to Have Saddle-Will Travel, the INNOVATIVE OUTFITTER  that designs and manufactures saddles and tack, weather beating outerwear, and Cordura saddlebags, packs, and accessories for today's trail riders; people who were "Born To Ride!". Specifically created to meet the needs of discriminating horsemen and horsewomen, Have Saddle-Will Travel, Inc. Uses the latest hi-tech fabrics and builds in multi-functional features that make their items compatible with other outdoor uses such as hiking, biking and motorcycling. Have Saddle-Will Travel, Inc. Products not only look great - they really work!  Our concern for the environment and our belief in low-impact trail riding and horse camping are reflected in every item in the Don West Training-Trail Saddles and Tack, the Storm Riders Clothes Line, and Saddle Software Systems products.  All SSS products are modular, versatile, lightweight, compressible, and rugged.

Have Saddle-Will Travel is the creation of Don West - an adventurer, traveler, writer, and teacher.  A nationally known and respected professional horseman, speaker/clinician, and "equine success coach", Don has also taught camping and backpacking, cross country skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. In the course of his various outdoor adventures he has explored the four corners of the Earth.  HS-WT was conceived in 1986, when Don designed the first saddles built in North America for the comfort of naturally gaited, short backed horses, including Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, and Spanish horses.  His articles on low-impact horse camping, horsemanship, and other outdoor skills have appeared in many popular magazines.  Living and learning in the out-of-doors has been his vocation, recreation, and passion.

Don and Maria love horses, especially smooth riding naturally gaited horses, trail riding, and backcountry low impact horse camping. Their goal was to create a company that would make previously unavailable products for today's trail riders, right at their home at West Gait Equine Learning Center, near Fruita, in wonderful Western Colorado, USA. They practice what they preach, design and manufacture what they need, and use what they make. 

We know that you'll appreciate their well-designed, well made products - the right saddles and tack, outerwear, and packing equipment, for pleasure, trail, and adventure riding.  Put the Have Saddle-Will Travel, Inc. Products to the test and find out why so many people say: "They're the best!”

Happy Trails!

Don and Maria West

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